About Us


Welcome to Copper Coin Club! This a place for you to learn how to better manage your own money and help build wealth over time. Our vision is to improve the lives of individuals by enhancing your financial wellbeing.

We cut out financial jargon and help make investing and finance accessible to all. Money can be a taboo subject, and we are hoping to normalise conversations about it.

Women earn less over their lifetimes and have smaller pensions, which means its so important that women in particular learn how to utilise the money they do have as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

If you want to learn how to invest, get on top of your finances and improve your financial wellbeing this is the place for you!


Our Story

We are identical twins, Sarah and Laura. If you are wondering, Sarah is older by 18 minutes! ​

We have both worked in Banks and Financial Services for many years, building our knowledge of Finance both professionally and personally.

We have both been investing for several years and are keen to pass on the knowledge, cut out jargon and help make finance accessible. 

We are very passionate about feminism, finance and helping women achieve everything they want to.

This led us to create Copper Coin Club, to reach more people and help you improve your financial wellbeing.


We are sharing our journey (including mistakes we made), tips and tricks to enable you to build wealth and spend more time doing what makes you happy. 


Sarah Dove

Since graduating from Oxford I have worked within Financial Services, mainly advising UK retail banks on their strategy and how to improve their customer experience. Currently I am a Design Lead at a global bank working on change programmes.

Outside of work and Copper Coin Club you can find me in a restaurant with friends, playing in my amateur orchestra or out and about on my bike Walter.


Laura Dove

I have an undergraduate degree in Economics and Psychology. After years working in Finance and Technology I decided to go back to university and have just completed a Masters in Finance where I came top of the business school! Also passing the CFA Level 1 exam has given me a wealth of knowledge I am keen to share with you!

In my free time I enjoy exploring London, learning Spanish, playing the cello and feeding my three adorable guinea pigs.